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Government Printing Office, www. This report has been prepared in accordance with our girl chat sex and includes the written text with accompaning plans and detail ske'tches of the proposed development. This land parcel holds real promise for nature preservation and interpretation and has potential tor passive type recreational acti- vities. Hopefully this concept can be expanded onto the ading private parcels so that future generations may enjoy this fragile and picturesque parksite. We have enjoyed working with you and with fellow staff members.

Their natural fer- tility and available moisture capacity are low. The effects of drought on plants are shown sooner on these soils than on cht other soils in the county. These loose, dry soils are susceptible to soil blowing and water erosion where the vegetation cover has been removed. These two soils are somewhat similar, but the Wallace soil has a cemented layer in the subsoil, and the Kalkaska soil local tranny escort not.

The unit occupies gently sloping, narrow, land and low dune-like ridges within areas of the flat, wet outwash plain and lake plain. These soils are normally moderately well drained, although some higher positions are well drained. Included with these soils fruktport the mapping were eroded areas in which the surface layer consists of brownish former subsoil material and has a few chunks of cemented material on the surface. These soils have low available moisture capacity and natural fer- tility.

The cemented layer in the subsoil retards the penetration of roots in ome places. The surface layer is a mixture of black and gray sand about 4 inches thick. A subsurface layer of - light-gray sand underlies the surface layer. It has subangular blocky structure and is very friable. The subsoil is sand about 16 inches thick.

It is dark reddish brown in the upper part and yellowish red in the lower part. The subsoil has subangular blocky structure and is very friable. Underlying the subsoil, at a depth of about 26 inches, is light yellowish-brown sand. This material is single grain and loose. Marsh Ma This soil is made up of old bayous and talk one to one chat line areas along streams that unitted into Lake Michigan and of very wet, inland areas.

Slopes range from 0 to 2 percent. The vegetation consists of cattails sedges, water weeds, and a few clumps of tamarack, willow, elder: and other water-tolerant trees. The soil material is a very friable, finely divided peat that is saturated organic material.

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It is saturated during the entire year. Most Marsh is used only by wildlife. Waterfowl, muskrats, fruit;ort other water-loving wildlife use the areas of nesting and shelter. This series consists of deep, mackay classifieds personals drained, sandy soils. These soils are in nearly level unkted slightly depressional areas on the outwash plains and the sandy uplands of the county.

The native vegetation consisted of elm, ash, aspen, willow, and speckled alder. The surface layer is very dark gray sand about 5 inches thick.

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It has granular structure and is very friable Light-gray, pale-brown, or light brownish-gray sand is below the surface layer and extends to a depth of more than 60 inches. This material is mainly single grain and loose. Roscommon soils are very permeable to water and air and have low available moisture capacity. Roscommon and AuGres sands have a low supply of plant nutrients. They are wet most of the time because the water table is generally high.

In dry periods, when the water table drops, these soils become droughty and are easily eroded by wind. Rubicon Sand RsB This soil series has slopes from 0 to 6 percent. It occupies broad areas of the nearly level to gently sloping sandy outwash plain and lake plain. It also occurs in nearly level to gently sloping areas of the sandy uplands. The sandy plain appears flat, but is has many small depressions, swells, shallow pit's, and slightly domed areas.

The shallow depressions in these plains are normally oval and somewhat dish shaped. They are flat on the bottom and gently sloping near the edge. They are elongated where they occur at the base of slopes in the rolling sandy uplands and at the base of long gentle wavelike slopes of the sandy plain. The ladies seeking nsa middletown delaware 19709 layer is black sand about 3 inches thick. It has granu- lar structure and is very friable.

A subsurface layer consists of gray sand about 2 inches thick. The subsoil also is sand, but it is dark brown or strong brown to brownish yellow, subangular blocky, and very friable. The upper part of the subsoil is darker and redder than the lower part Below the subsoil there is very pale brown sand that is single grain and loose. These soils are permeable, have a low supply of plant nutrients, and are low in available moisture capacity.

The content of moisture is seldom adequate for optimum growth of crops. Acidity is very strong to a depth of about 19 inches. Wetland Classification The classification of wetlands for this study follows the guidelines of Cowardin et. The Cowardin system is widely accepted by both state and federal regulatory agencies as the standard inventory system. To classify an area as a wetland, it must have two or more of the following attributes: 1. At least periodically, the land supports predominantly sexy romeoville chat line 2.

The substrate is predominently complete weirdo seeking same 42 hydric soil and 3. The substrate is a non-soil or covered by shallow water at some time during the year. Cowardin et. Four Palustrine systems and a Lacustrine sys-rem was delineated during the field review [Figure Each system is fully classified in Table 2, and a crosssectional view is included in Figure 3.

Wetland areas serve a variety of functions, including water retention, sediment trapping, filtration of pollutants before they enter the ground- water and lakeand flood control. They also fulfill important habitat requirements for many species of wildlife and plants. A complete discussion of these habitats, including species composition, is presented in the next section of this report.

Vegetation Habitats On-site reconnaissance covered the spring season of Four vegetative communities and one open water system were identified and mapped on the basis of soil and plant composition and hydrology [Figure Community distributions including common and scientific names are listed in Appendix A; wildlife species are in Appendix B. Several areas on the site have been impacted by logging, the parks' use as a landfill, and its current function a leaf disposal site for residents in the area.

Sections in the southeastern portion of the site contain solid waste, apparently dumped by the public. Because the contents of the land- fill are unknown, water quality should be tested by the Environmental Protection Agency. The site is not open to the public, however, there are indications that the area is used for fishing, hunting and camping. Forested Wetland The upper canopy of the forested wetlands on this site is dominated by red maple Acer saccarum and black ash Fraxinus nigra.

There are several upland tree species that occur on small ridges and swales, predominantly paper birch Betula papyriferaeastern white pine Pinus ffruitportblack cherry Prunus serotina and sassafras Sassafras albidum. The understory of this community is nearly ho? It is quite dense in the swale and ridge areas, and virtually non-existant in many of the more saturated areas.

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Other species that occur include staghorn sumac Rhus typhinasassafras, and red ash Fraxinus pennsylvanicus. The ground cover at the time of this survey was dominated by sedges Carex sppwild sarsaparilla Aralia nudicaulisfalse soloman's seal Smilacina racemosafringed sedge Carex crinitaand Canada mayflower Maianthemum canadense. Thi s wet environment is inhabitated by amphibians and a variety of other life forms.

The site may be utilized as a stopping point for many migrating bird species. The forested wetland habitat is rich in wildlife food sources, olivia escort north vancouver a diversity of species. Seeds from the red maple are eaten by squirrels, birds and chipmunks Martin, Zim and Nelson Birch trees Betula spp provide catkins, buds and seeds which are readily eaten by ruffed grouse Bonasa umbellicusand other birds.

Many species of birds and mammals feed on the fruits of the black cherry and gray dogwoods. Sassafras produces a bluish colored fruit eaten by many members of the flycatcher family such as the eastern phoebe Sayornis phoebe and the great crested flycatcher Myiarchus crinitus. The eastern white pine, black and red ashes produce seeds which are eaten by rodents and birds.

Cover is provided by the upper canopy trees, dense stands of ferns, and understory trees. Shallow burrows were found an swales and ridges, however, the seasonal inundation of water creates problems for many ground dwellers.

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Dead woody vegetation provides nesting holes for many species of birds and small mammals. A pair of tufted unoted Parus bicolor were observed nesting in a dead tree. Upland Forest The upland forest habitat is characterized by open looking for online sexy chat shaugh prior, transition zones and borderline forested wetlands. In the clearings, the dominant plant species is bracken fern Ptecidium aquilinum.

Transition zones occur on the edges of two-track ro, clearings and along Wood Street. Pioneer species such as quaking aspen Populu5 tremuloidesnorthern red oak Quercus rubraand big toothed aspen Populus qrandidentata occupy these margins. The uplands are similar in composition to the forested wetlands, however, there is a shift in dominant tree xtates. Paper birch, black cherry, and eastern white pine now occur in greater densities than the red maples.

Major vegetation ranges in size upwards to caliper. The understory consists of red ash, young aspen, black cherry and sassafras. There are several low spots within the upland system, resulting in a higher concentration of wetland species such as gray dogwood Cornus latifolia and speckled alder Alnus rugosa. The ground cover consists of Canada mayflower, grasses, false-solomon's seal. Aspens pro- vide browse for white-tailed deer rook catkins for gamebirds such as the ruffed grouse.

The dense, shrubby growth found in some areas also provide browse for deer, and good cover and nesting grounds for bird species. The soils found in the upland forest zones are the Kalkaska-Wal lace, Rubicon, and Grayling-Rubicon series. Scrub-shrub Wetland The scrub-shrub wetland forms a narrow band that separates sex personals helen forested wetland from the emergent zone.

It is a bog ecosystem, and due to the poor soils, has a low diversity of plant species. Speckled alder, gray dogwood, and meadowsweet Spirea latifolia are unted dominant shrubs in this community. Sates plant species inhabiting the scrub-shrub ecosystem are sedges Carex spprushes, royal fern, marsh fern, blue flag Iris versicolormarsh fruiyport Potentilla palustris and sphagnum moss. Randwick escort couples pitcher plants staets abundant, growing in clusters along the fruotport lakeside edge.

The soils are acidic, nutrient poor peat mats that float fruittport the lake. Pitcher plants, common on open, developing mats, have a unique method for obtaining nutrients from the bog. Insects are jewels nyc escorts in the pitcher, digested and absorbed by the leaf, providing the plant with essential nutrients.

The scrub-shrub and emergent wetlands are defined zones along the lake edge. As the emergent zone becomes the dominant system, the bog environ- ment changes to an acidic fen dominated by sedges, grasses and spikes. There are many foods available to wildlife in the scrub-shrub ecosystem.

The dogwoods provide berries and browse for deer, birds and rabbits Martin, Zim, and Nelson Seeds from spikes, sedges and rushes are important food sources for many species of waterfowl. Roots and tubors are eaten by geese, muskrats and diving ducks. Waterfowl, muskrats, and songbirds use the scrub-shrub habitat for nesting areas. Predators can utilize the dense vegetation for cover when stalking prey on the lake edge, conversly, prey species can use it to hide.

Based on the Cowardin system Cowardin et. See Figure 4 for wetland map. Rushes CS'c-irpus spp.

Rushes Eleocha is spp. It is dominated by sedges Carex sppspike rushes Eleo derisOlney's bulrush Scirpus americanusand rice cutgrass Leersia oryzoides. Because of this dominance, it is catagorized as a acidic fen rather than a bog pers.

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seeking rich lady east boothbay maine The emergent system is low in nutrients and, therefore, has low plant spe- cies diversity. The substratum is a peat layer that becomes more sandy as the zone ends in the lake. The plant species composition shifts along the southern shore from a fen to a cranberry bog.

There are fewer sedges, rushes and spikes in this area. Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatuma plant used by early doctors to treat broken bones, is more common here than in the fen. The peat mat in the cranberry bog area appears to "float" more than other sections of the site. A diverse of wildlife species utilize the emergent we-tland system. Birds and mammals find a wide range of foods including seeds, bird's eggs, fish and berries.

Snakes, particularly the Northern water snake Nerodia sipedon and easter garter snake Thamnuphis sirtalis hunt for frogs in the cover of the emergent plants. Wading birds, such as the great blue heron Ardea herodiasprey upon frogs, snakes and other aquatic organisms. The emergent zone is also important in th reproductive cycle. A pair of mallards Anas platyrhynchos successfully nested in the protective cover of emergent vegetation as three chicks were observed on one survey day hiding amongst the leaves.

Several old muWat lodges were located, and the feathers found on top of one lodge indicated they were used as nesting places by birds, probably Canada geese Branta canadensis. Free chat room mobile phones peepers Hyla crucifer and western chorus frogs Pseudacris triseriata are abun- dant during the spring mating season.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Natural Features Inventory personnel, there is a state threatened plant that occurs on another section of the lake. Atlantic blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchrum atlanticum has been recorded on Little Black Lake, and it is possible that it occurs on this study site. The habitat in the emergent zone is favorable for the species.

The grass blooms in early June and several unsuccessful attempts through 9 June were made to locate it.

Sex chat room in fruitport united states

A complete threatened and endangered plant survey of this area is recommended. The maximum depth ranges from five to ten feet, with a primarily organic and gravel bottom. A determination of where each bottom type was located in the lake could not be done by this survey and there- fore, these rolm were not included in the wetland classification. Several fish species inhabit the lake pers.

A DNR fisheries biologist stated several species of pan fish, bass Micropterus spp. During an on site visit, an angler was observed with a large of srx. A northern pike skull jnited found in fruirport emergent zone, and several dead fish were also observed, though could not be identified. Wildlife use the lake for a drinking water source, food, bathing and repro- ductive functions.

During fall migrations, waterfowl and some wading chaf may use the lake for a gathering place before departure a phenomenom known as staging. Insects, such as the dragonfly group family: Odonata lay eggs in the water and spend their pre-reproductive lives as aquatic dwellers nymphs. Frogs, salamanders and to also use the lake for reproductive purposes.

Climate The City of Norton Shores has a quasimarine or continental climate. Because the city visiting town looking for some nsa fun Lake Michigan and prevailing winds are westerly, much of the time the air reaching the city yume chat passed over a large amount of water.

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When the wind changes, however, and is from the southeast or east, the air moves over a large amount of land and the climate changes to continental. Because of the prevailing westerlies.

Winters are milder, summers are cooler, and snowfall is greater than they would be if the lake were not there. In the spring the waters from Lake Michigan cool the warm air that reaches the area. Growth of plants is therefore fruitlort until frost is no longer likely. In fall looking for some now would be perfect lake waters, still warm from the summer sun, warm the cool air moving into the area and delay the first frost.

Plants therefore have time to mature. Sec contrasts in temperature occur as the air is warmed by contact with the warm water. This causes heavy snow storms and squalls that are of greatest intensity near the lake. The highest temperature ever recorded was 97 degrees in Juneand the lowest was degrees in November The latest freezing temperature ever recorded was on May In fall the average date of the first 32 degrees temperature is October Average annual snowfall in Muskegon County is 74 inches, as compared to about 40 inches in central and east-central parts of the Lower Peninsula.

This heavy snowfall is a direct result of the influence of Florianopolis escorts Michigan.

Sex chat room in fruitport united states

Physiography and Drainage The physiography of Muskegon County, for the most part, from the Wisconsin, or latest, glacial period. The glacial ice that once covered the State melted about eight to twelve thousand years ago. As this ice melted, a covering of raw soil material was left on the surface of the county. This glacial deposit ranges from about feet to more than feet in thickness.

The present surface of the county ranges from ij level t o rolling and hilly. Along the shore of Lake Michigan is a belt of strongly rolling sand dunes. These dunes are postglacial in origin but are now generally stationary. After vegetation covers these dunes, a soil profile begins to develop.

Sex chat room in fruitport united states

For several miles inland, smaller dunes are scattered throughout the poorly drained areas of the lake plain. A wide plain with little relief lies east of the dunes. Rolling to hilly areas are toward the eastern side of the couinty and in the extreme north- western part. Parts of the central plain are somewhat broken by stream channels and lake basins.

I'm told by sources that the president has expressed frustration lyndon vt housewives personals some of the other issues on the agenda this weekend including having to do with climate change, having to do with gender equality. That is a key factor that is going into the security planning.

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So, you know, how is this to be interpreted? We put a lot of tariffs Stable good hearted man seek great chemistry China today as you know, they put some on us, we put a lot on them. Our site has thousands of users in our, Crossdresser Singles Chat. They are weak. Trump's reply on twitter telling U.

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These leaders, the western allies also want to talk about the economy but they want to talk to him about what he's doing alison southall escort what they're concerned it may have in terms of impact on their economies also. Prior to the celebration, the Mayor ed a Race Unity Proclamation. I'm doing it and I have no choice because we're not going to lose close to a chatt a year to China and China understands that.

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